Owner: Klára Ines Petružálková

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information about Jimmy!

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Birth: 5.2.2013

Breeding: stud dog FCI

Teeth: complete, scissors bite

Height: 62 cm

Character: very friendly, but dominant and self confident

playful, lively, easygoing

Education: active training of obedience and defense

Exams: ZZO, BH

- Health -
  • HD A (DKK 0/0)
  • ED 0 (DLK 0/0)
  • MDR +/+ (clear)
  • DM N/N
  • DNA test
- Parents -



Iron of white Energy

DKK 0/0, DKL 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/N

CH Lux, Bel.

FH 1, BH


Grand Champion

Ginna la Blankpapilio

DKK 0/0, DKL 0/0, MDR +/+

GCH, CH, JCH, Club winner, x BOB