3 males + 1 female


- Parents -


Beowulff of Enzzo’s wolves farm

HD A , ED 0

MDR +/-, DNA, DM N/N

dentition complete, scissor

Title: mn x BOB, CAC, Best Male,...



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Chellsi la Blankpapilio

HD A , ED 0, MDR +/+, DNA, DM N/Dm, MH N/N, Hemof.

N/N, Hyperurikosurie N/N, heart - OK, eyes - OK

dentition complete, scissor

Title: Multichampion, Grand Champion, Champion of Czech,

Macedonia, Cyprus, Moldavia, Montenegro, Poland, Balkan,...


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DOLCE VITA Diavolocane

MDR1: +/+ DM: N/N

DEVIL Diavolocane


DEAMON Diavolocane

DRAKO Diavolocane